Special Guest/Group Visits

If you plan to attend Antioch Fellowship Church as a family gathering, class reunion, or civic organization, please contact us to let us know you are coming.  A two-week notice of a group visit is appreciated.  We thank you in advance for visiting Antioch Fellowship Church!

What should I wear?

On any given Sunday, you will find people modestly dressed in an assortment of outfits; from jeans and a t-shirt to suits and dresses. We are more concerned with people’s lives than we are with their preferences of clothes. So put on whatever you are comfortable with and join us for worship. 

When does Antioch observe the Lord's Supper?

The first Sunday of each month during both Worship 1 (7:30 a.m.) and Worship II (10:00 a.m.).

Do you have a nursery available during service?

Yes; during our Sunday Morning Worship Experience II, the Antiark Nursery is available for you. In KidsPoint, we reinforce God’s Word and His love with everyone with whom we come in contact. KidsPoint is overflowing with excitement as we nurture our children. We want our children to come not just to the “Nursery,” but rather we want them to come to a place of fun, safety, and biblical learning. KidsPoint is a place where loving and caring volunteers tend to children, ages newborn to 4 years-old. We believe that everyone deserves the love and compassion that Jesus Christ expects of us, and it is no different for children. 

What is the Lord’s Supper?

It is a time in our worship service when we commemorate and proclaim the death of Jesus for our sins until he comes again by the eating of bread and the drinking of cup. The bread that we take represents Jesus giving up his body to death on the cross for our sins and the cup of wine (or grape juice, in our case) represents his blood that established and sealed the new covenant that God has made with all who trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord; a covenant that principally says Jesus, through his death and resurrection from the dead, has paid the penalty of death for our sins and fully absorbed the wrath of God against us as sinners, has credited his perfect life and obedience into our account, and has secured the forgiveness of our sins and our reconciliation with God both now and for eternity.

Are your facilities accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. We offer everything from special seating to a soundmate system for assisted listening (during our worship services). Stop by the Information Center for more information.

Arrival and Parking

If you would like to sit in the front section of the Worship Center, we would suggest arriving 15 – 20 minutes prior to the start of service for spaces closest to the Worship Center.  To ease parking lot congestion, we offer shuttle services and have parking lot attendants available to help navigate each lot:

    • Lot A is located on the Northside of the Worship Center
    • Lot B is located on the Southside of the Worship Center
    • Lot C is located on the Eastside (rear) of the building
    • Lot D satellite parking is located east of the Worship Center

Parking for the Disabled: Reserved parking areas are designated in Parking Lots C and D for persons with disabilities and/or special needs.  Please display your handicap decal or get the attention of a parking lot attendant and they will direct you to the reserved parking area.

If you need assistance in getting to the church, we invite you to visit our online Transportation Ministry, call 972.228.2420 ext. 306 or e-mail transportation@afmbc.org