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Welcome to Antioch Fellowship Church

Welcome to Antioch Fellowship Church

7550 South Hampton Road | Dallas, TX

We are a church committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and committed to leading people to salvation in Christ. “We Build People.”



We will be a house of prayer. Jesus established the church as a house of prayer and that’s who/what we are. We engage God through prayer. Our prayers allow us to experience God’s presence and power. Prayer makes us a people of intimacy (In-to-Him-I-see).


We will be a place of connection. We are a community of faith, joined by our association with God the Father, Son, and Holy ghost. Together we will navigate the cares of life, as a family of faith. We see God, in others, through fellowship. Everyone has a place here! Fellowship makes us a people of covenant community.


We will make the Word of God paramount, hearing and heeding His word first. His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We know God through teaching. We desire to grow to biblical literacy and be transformed by the gospel. Teaching makes us a people of substance.


We will strive to passionately cultivate a God-focused, God-centered, God-honoring worship experience and lifestyle that creates an atmosphere for God’s presence to dwell. We invite God through our worship. Worship makes us a people of pursuit.


We will be extensions of the hands and heart of God by how we lovingly and sacrificially bless the world around us. We share God through service. We are a people of mission.

Our Legacy

Dr. Karry D. Wesley tirelessly, faithfully, and compassionately, served as the Senior Pastor of this family of faith for 33 years. His vision was to reach, teach and preach to those who are part of the Christian faith as well as those outside the Body of Christ. He was a man of wisdom, integrity, and love for others with his family leading the list. Dr. Wesley was a noted author who had written more than ten books dealing with various aspects of the Christian life, as well as study guides for the Bible. He was a dynamic leader, preacher, teacher, and friend committed to God, his family, and the Antioch family of faith.



We’re thrilled you’re exploring what it means to be part of Antioch. We invite you to fill out our digital connect card if you’d like for us to help you discover your next step.

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Need Prayer?

If you would like someone to pray with you, our intercessory prayer ministry is available to you.

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Don’t Yout Worry Bout A Thing | Matthew 6:34

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The vision of Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church is to produce a family of faith that has a burden for reaching those who are not affiliated with a church, or who are not in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our reach extends beyond Oak Cliff, and the surrounding suburbs. We strive to go to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

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