2023 Summer Discipleship Groups

Our Summer Discipleship classes will run in six-week increments, each covering a different strand of the church’s DNA. Once you register for the first strand, you will automatically be moved to the next strand for the next session until they’ve covered all four. There is no need to re-register. 


Prayer: Honest Emotional Prayer

Our experiences in life are not always sanitized, so our prayers do not have to be either. Thankfully, Scripture gives us a powerful example for praying about our life’s experience in a real, raw, and honest way: The Psalms. This session will help us connect the recognition and acceptance of our own story with the honest expressions of prayer found in the Psalms.

Book: Praying the Psalms by Walter Brueggemann


Fellowship: Breaking Down Barriers

Though we are all following the same Jesus, we do not always get along with each other. Sometimes the differences we have are trivial, but sometimes it is because we believe that others are the wrong type of Christian. What are the things that keep us separated from each other? How do we get beyond our very real and significant differences and walk together as Christ has called us to do?

Book: Disunity in Christ by Christena Copeland


Worship: Going Beyond Sunday

Worship is more than what happens on Sunday mornings. Worship is an opportunity to celebrate God every day of the week in ways that affect our attitudes and our actions. Worship and celebration are disciplines that help us grow deeper and fully respond to God’s love and also find joy in the presence of God.

Book: Worship and Celebration by Jan Johnson


Service: A Calling-Driven Life

God has called us to work, but the messiness and complications of life make it difficult for us to discern the work we have been called to. How can we utilize intentionality, focus, discernment, and community to lead us to these answers? This course will guide us through a six-week journey to help us answer the question what is the good work that God is calling us to in this season of our lives.

Book: Consider Your Calling by Gordon T. Smit


The Cost of Discipleship -  Cheap grace is grace that seeks to justify sin without the justification of the sinner. Costly grace calls us to follow Jesus. This course will walk us through what we must leave to fully follow Jesus, how we can embody the incarnate Lord on earth, and join in fellowship with one another.

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Entrepreneurship 101

Looking for tips and tools to help start your business? Shay McKnuckles, a leading tax expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in many successful entrepreneurial efforts, will equip you with insight and lessons to help you launch your business. You can read more about her at https://uptowndiscoverygroup.com/about-us.


Starting Your Study: An Introduction to the Bible

The Bible has sixty-six books and about 800,000 words in it. While that can be encouraging to those who have become familiar with it, it can be overwhelming for someone just starting out. Where should we start? Why are some things here, and some things are over there? How can we read this in a way that makes sense and that is interesting? This will help us get some starting points in our attempt to understand Scripture.

Book: A Reader’s Guide to the Bible by John Goldingay

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