Antioch Fellowship Church offers a wide range of employment opportunities for those seeking to use their skills and experience in a Christ-centered environment. A requirement for all employees at Antioch Fellowship Church is to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. 


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Next-Gen Director

WORK TYPE: Full-time


  • Teach, guide, and direct children, from birth through high school, about the most important thing in their lives – a relationship with Jesus Christ as well as practical living within and outside of their church community.
  • Advocate for connecting with parents and equipping them to be the leader of the child’s spiritual development.
  • Provide leadership pipeline growth and implementation that will align leaders and the church’s overall values and direction for raising up the next generation of leaders.
  • Oversee the NextGen strategy and budget.
  • Provide discipleship resources for Kids Point and YOUth MinisTRY (high school and middle school) ministries.
  • Gauge ministry effectiveness by defining wins and measure the markers that demonstrate that all life stages are succeeding.
  • Oversee Kids Point and YOUth MinisTRY events.
  • Oversee, create, and improve weekly student worship experiences.
  • Provide pastoral care, including hospital visits, games, recitals, community events, meetings, and other ministry opportunities.
  • Deliver relevant, Biblical messages.
  • Lead multiple staff and volunteers, ensuring their strategies are aligned.
  • Develop a common language and training while equipping those who serve, ensuring the most effective and efficient strategies are employed to mobilize our ministries best.


  • Reach unchurched children and youth in the community, engage them with the gospel, and involve them in the work of the church.
  • Participate in general pastoral duties as needed (weddings, funerals, counseling, etc.).  
  • Establish a long-term vision for how the church engages children and youth.
  • Lead efforts to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
  • Regularly report about ministry-related updates.
  • Champion ministry opportunities for children and youth in the broader church family.
  • Review all curriculum used by the church’s children’s and youth ministry and ensure it is consistent with the church’s core values and beliefs.
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats.


  • Be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ
  • Be a faithful tither
  • Have an understanding of and willingness to serve within the framework of the Mission, Vision and Virtues, and Social Covenant of Antioch.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience providing pastoral ministry to children, youth, and families
  • A model for others by being an example of personal integrity, discipleship, and evangelism
  • A clear calling to work with preschoolers, children, students, and their families
  • An understanding of relational ministry
  • A strong communicator who listens well
  • Creativity and innovative thinking about ministering to the next generation
  • A hard worker with an eye for excellence in the details and the capacity to see the big picture

The NextGen Pastor will be teachable and have a strong commitment to self and staff development. Viable candidates must give evidence of the ability to lead and appropriately hold accountable individuals, groups, and teams that produce measurable results against the predetermined goals and objectives. He/she will be a team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization.
A well-established theological construct and an in-depth knowledge of scripture is necessary for the wisdom and biblically-based decision-making demands of this position. Leading candidates will possess a biblical theology consistent with Antioch's.


  • Work a minimum of 40 hours and no more than 50 hours per week on campus.