Discipleship Groups-Summer 21 Session

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Courses and Course Descriptions

Fighting for Your Prodigal Child  | Dates: June 2, 9, 16 & 23

This four-session course will encourage you as you fight the heart-wrenching spiritual battle for your child. This course reminds us that parents of prodigals learn to face a different reality. We're in the middle of a battle with our own children, while grieving the loss of a dream. But to survive and move forward, we first have to face the hard realities. This course deals with those realities as it encourages us to set clearly defined boundaries, develop new strategies of praying, and focus on the promises of God.


Isaiah: How to Stay Close to God | Dates: June 2, 9 & 16

In his writings, Isaiah describes the deep intensity of his relationship with God. The evidence of this intensity can be seen in his spiritual discipline. With this three-session course, learn from Isaiah and begin to enhance your own prayer life, scripture reading, and reflection time.


Body Matters | Dates: June 23, 30 & July 7

There is no escaping it. We live our entire lives in a body—the one and only body God created for us, in which to do his will and work. Unfortunately, we often mistreat this body, and we don't realize that it affects how well we're able to live out our purpose. In order to change that, we must accept what God has to say about us: we are loved, valued, and we have an important purpose in his plan. When we understand this truth, we learn to value our physical bodies so we can fulfill our God-given purpose.


A Simplistic Complexity: The Nature of the Trinity | Dates: June 23, 30 & July 7

Many of us, when asked about the Trinity, may have an easy time answering it because in some ways, it is simple to explain. However, others have a difficult time in trying to answer because it is complex. It’s a ‘Simplistic Complexity’. A proper understanding of this doctrine is essential to the health and welfare of the church and life. Join us as we take 3-week dive into the nature of the Trinity and see how it will encourage your faith and others around you.


Unique Conformity: Redefining and Living Authentic Discipleship | Dates: June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & July 7

Embrace the unique person God created you to be. Authentic discipleship requires becoming more like Jesus and embracing the unique way you've been made. This course will give you a clearer understanding of discipleship and challenge you to become more like Christ in the unique way you've been made--to discover your unique conformity.


Troubled Minds: Responding to Mental Illness | Dates: June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & July 7

Discover how the church can—and must—help those who are struggling. Mental illness is far more prevalent than many realize. With one in four adults struggling with mental illness each year, there's no doubt that there are people in our church who desperately need love and support. Unfortunately, the church hasn't always done a great job of ministering to those affected by mental illness—either their own or a loved one's illness. But it doesn't have to be that way. This Bible study explores mental illness and what the church can do to help. It also helps clear up common myths and begins to put the stigma of mental illness in the past.


Ephesians: You Are God's Masterpiece | Dates: June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & July 7

In Ephesians, Paul tells us about several of God's loving desires for us. To understand our identity as God's masterpiece, through the confusion of sin, fear, or doubt, we wonder if his promises might be too good to be true. In Ephesians, Paul describes a God who loves us too much to let us stay as we are. This six-session course will challenge you to accept your identity as a member of God's family, and allow him to mold you into the masterpiece he designed. When we accept God's refining work in us, as Paul did, we will receive the power and faith to complete God's kingdom work.