The Scholarship Ministry is designed to assist students who are members of our family of faith in the pursuit of their degrees of higher learning.  Whether they are first-time college students, continuing undergraduates, graduate, or professional level, our desire is to support them financially in achieving their goal.



Members of Antioch Fellowship who: 

  • Have been a part of this family of faith for at least two calendar years,
  • Have professed faith in God and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, and
  • Have been or currently active in at least one church ministry beyond the Sunday morning worship experience

Members of Antioch Fellowship who have: 

  • Completed at least their 1st year of undergraduate work, or
  • Currently enrolled in a graduate program, or
  • Currently enrolled in a professional career program (i.e., pharmacy, law, medical school)


Application Procedure: 

Applications will be available for pick up in the Administration Office (Monday – Thursday) during regular office hours, at the Information Center, in the office of the Youth Ministry Pastor Adria Green, and online if you would like an application emailed, contact bwiseman@afmbc.org


An Accepted Application Packet Will Include the following: 

  • Completed Application
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • College Transcript (An official copy will be required at the time of the interview)
  • 250- word Essay (Select One Topic)
    • Personal Statement of Faith
    • Discuss a recent challenge and how you conquered it
    • Your career aspirations and how it will impact your community


Once the packet is submitted, a panel interview will be scheduled with the applicant. The granted scholarship will be awarded to the Applicant within 7-10 business days of the interview.


Graduate or Professional Scholarship Application.pdf
Undergraduate Scholarship Application.pdf


Scholarship Dates: 

Applications Available -   Sunday, May 14 through Sunday, June 11, 2023

Schedule Interviews -   Week of June 18th – 22nd  



Awards Payable to:

All checks will be made payable to the institution of higher learning for the applicant’s use but will not be written to the individual applicant. It will be her/his responsibility to deliver said check to the Financial Aid Office on campus to have the funds applied to their account. 

Award Priorities:
  • First-time college students,
  • Undergraduates requiring additional assistance (max two awards)
  • Graduate Students completing degrees
  • Professional Career program students 
Contributing Factors –  
  • Financial Need – Cost of Tuition
  • Working or plan to work in support of their education
  • Location of School – Out of State or Local
  • Grade point average
  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Community Engagement (when possible)



For additional information, contact - scholarship@afmbc.org