Sisters Summit 2020

It’s that time of year again! Sisters Summit 2020 is back and it’s virtual. Join us, ONLINE, on September 18-19 for a fresh experience! This year’s theme is Resilient. In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, it can be extremely difficult to maintain our sanity and stability. This year’s conference will give us the hope we need to bounce back. Registration is now open and it's free! So please, register today. We are excited about what’s to come, and we pray you are too!




Friday, September 18 - A Night of Worship and Prayer – 7:00 PM

Prayer Leaders:

Sister Jackie Harris

Sister Stacey Dickson

Sister Adria Green

Sister Ambre’ Walker

Worship Leader: 

Brittany Jones


Saturday, September 19- Conference– 9:00 AM

Keynote Speakers:

Sister Cheryl Wesley – Antioch Fellowship Church

Sister Marissa Farrow – Marissa Farrow Ministries


Guest Psalmist:

Christi Tillman



Dr. Lasonja Flowers-Ivory

Dr. Brianna Parker

Sister Andrea Fields

Sister Jorey Bell

Sister Tia Jackson, moderator