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Keynote Speaker, Sharifa Stevens

Sharifa Stevens
Writer, Speaker, Singer

Sharifa's Story

Guest Psalmist, Anita Wilson

Ms. Anita Wilson
Grammy Awarding winning
Recording Artist



AGENT OF CHANGE   - Presenter, Jackie Harris
As Believers, we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines and not aggressively pursue the unsaved. Our world is hungry for God’s direction and saving, and it’s our job to shine His light through our works. It's time we evangelize outside the walls of the church, and even in other countries.

DEPENDABLE STEWARD  - Presenter, Shay McNuckles
Are we relying on the world to set our standards and habits for spending, tithing, saving and investing? Or do we set our minds to God’s principles for our finances? Let’s get it right.

FEARLESS INTERCESSOR  - Presenter, Marchelle Sterling
Prayer is the key! Never underestimate the matchless power of prayer. God’s divine instruction, His imminent power, and so much more is sought by the Believer; but we must break the barrier of fear. Even Jesus often slipped away to the wilderness to pray.

FAITH-FILLED WARRIOR  - Presenter, Violet Dean
Life brings many transitions and seasons through which we can grow. God promises to never leave us. We must persevere in faith, believing that He is working out His plan in us.

MODEL OF GRACE  - Presenter, Tonya Neal
Pursuing the holiness of God can be difficult when we are haunted by the pain of our past, yet we must believe in the Grace of God. Jesus will restore, rebuild and reconcile us; yet we must forgive ourselves, commit to live for Him, and trust in His power to keep us.

COURAGEOUS WITNESS - Presenter, Kadi Creel
Our Lord has done amazing things in our lives! We need to share these experiences. Don’t you know that your personal testimony of deliverance, forgiveness and salvation is what others need to hear so they too can come to Jesus? Open your mouth.

COMPASSIONATE SERVANT - Presenter, Dr. Camille Gray
People are hurting, lonely and in desperate need of our help. The Lord has equipped each of us with spiritual gifts and resources to use in service to others in need. Let’s discuss ways to reflect the heart of God in ministry.

WORD CHASER - Presenter, Elizabeth Woodson
Sister, what are you chasing after? When we pursue God, we find what we need in His Holy Word. We find His love, promises, warnings, and directions for living an abundant life. Let’s chase Him together.

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