Fall 2020 Discipleship Courses

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Fall Discipleship Classes | Course Descriptions

3-Week Courses

The dates for these courses are November 4, 11, 18 at 7PM.
Next Man Up (Study of Timothy)
Young. Gifted. Teachable. These words describe Timothy, a young man with great potential who God molded, through the ministry and mentorship of Paul, and used to lead His people. The story of Timothy demonstrates how intentional God is in shaping us for what he is ultimately calling us to be.
Up Close and Personal (Study of Mary from Bethany)
We talk about being close to God, but what does it really mean? Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, makes brief cameos in scripture; however, each moment we see her, she shows us what an intimate relationship with Christ looks like. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always powerful!

6-Week Courses

The dates for these courses are October 14, 21, 28 and November 4, 11, 18 at 7PM.
Relationship Goals
You scroll through photo after photo of happy couples and think, I want a relationship like that! It’s not until you get closer to them that you realize that every relationship isn’t what it’s “post” to be. So, what does a real relationship look like? Whether you are married, single, or it’s complicated, aiming for the right targets will make all the difference in finding true satisfaction. As it turns out, God’s got the best relationship goals of all for your life. Why settle for less?
Author: Mike Todd   
God Doesn’t Quit
In 2018, an Ontario man was arrested for drug possession after leading law enforcement in a chase that covered 96 miles; reaching speeds of 230 km/h. This is how far men were willing to go for an arrest. God will go even further for reconciliation. As one studies the story of Jonah, it becomes increasingly clear that this is not a story about people running from God. It’s about a God who runs after people. 
Author: Dr. Karry D. Wesley
Worship Matters
Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us. To worship God is to recognize his worth or worthiness; to look God-ward, and to acknowledge in all appropriate ways the value of what we see. This class will reveal how true biblical worship so satisfies our total personality that we don't have to shop around for man-made substitutes.
Author: Bob Kauflin