FAQ/Baby Dedication

What is the biblical purpose and history of a child dedication?

The Bible records in I Samuel 1:24-28, that Hannah bought her son Samuel to the priest Eli to dedicate him to the Lord.  And in Luke 2:21-22 our own Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was brought by his parents to the temple for his dedication.   

At Antioch, we acknowledge according to Psalm 127:3 that children are a blessing from the Lord and that baby dedication are performed as an act of giving back to the Lord the blessing he has given you as parents. It is an act of worship, thanksgiving, dependence, trust, and commitment. 

Can a child receive salvation through baby dedication?
We acknowledge that a child can only receive salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that it is not passed on to a child through baby blessing or dedication.  It is our prayer that the child’s parents would exemplify Godly principles before them and that one day the child will receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Does Antioch baptized infants?
Baby dedication is not the same as infant baptisms or christening, which are practiced in other faiths.  Antioch believes that baptism should take place after an individual has made a personal choice to follow Jesus Christ.  Therefore, it’s our practice to bless children by offering prayer for the child, their parents, family and god-parents. 

 At what age can a child take part in a dedication service?
To participate in a Baby Dedication service, the child must be six to twenty-four months old, and at least one parent is a member of Antioch.

Can a single parent participate in a child dedication service?
Yes! Child dedication signifies the commitment of parents (including single parents) to do their best to raise their child to be a follower of Christ. Additionally, we highly encourage single parents to dedicate their child as they commit themselves to raise him or her without the presence or partnership of a spouse.

What is the picture used for? Does it have to be professional? Can I email it?
When we introduce your child to the Antioch Family, we put his/her picture on the video screen during the ceremony. The picture does not have to be professional, many people use candid shot. We do prefer a digital photo. If sending a digital file, please send to If you do not have a digital photo, we can use a standard 4x6 if it is given to us one week before the dedication.


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