Antioch's Commitment to Students (Project A.C.T.S)

Project A.C.T.S.

Antioch's Commitment TStudents 

ACTS is a program designed to meet the needs of our youth, in varying age groups, in the Church and the community.  ACTS offers an array of  programs and activities for youth and parents, that will inform, educate, charm, entertain, amaze and delight you.

 The ACTS Program works in conjunction with and under the leadership of our Associate Pastor of Christian Education and Missions, Abe Cooper, Jr.


Antioch’s goal and passion is to be able to serve all young people, enabling them to develop skills to make good, informed decisions, stimulate positive growth, and promote individual discipline and maturity.

 Youth activities are designed to encourage an inquiry into Christian identity, an openness to deal with diversity, sharpening of academic and intellectual skills, and to help our youth explore their feelings and concerns about significant social issues.


We are spiritually led by GOD for the purpose of encouraging Christian maturity, and committed to the development of our youth.  We are here in order to provide a point of meeting where we can meet the needs of all young people, through fun, fellowship with others, receiving righteous teaching, and to be involved in outreach to the unreach. 

Project ACTS Events